Laminate flooring buying guide

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Laminate flooring buying guide

Laminate flooring looks wonderful and is resilient to dents and scratches. This flooring comes in various styles including hickory, bamboo, oak, and mahogany. Similar is look to real hardwood, it doesn’t cost nearly as much.

Laminate Construction.

Designed to be affordable and long lasting, laminate flooring begins with a layer filled with aluminum oxide that allows it to resist scratches from day to day use. This “wear” layer makes laminate flooring simple to clean, make it resistant to fading and stains. The décor layer is actually an image that is printed on and mimics the natural appearance of tile, wood, or stone. The core layer is what makes laminate and resistant to dents, much more than true hardwood flooring. Finally, the final backer layer imparts extra added support and stability.

Here are some important features to help you select the proper laminate for your house:
Thickness: Laminate flooring is usually available in thicknesses of 7-, 8-, 10- and 12-millimeters. On occasion, sellers will list the thickness of the product as including of the core and attached pad. All types of laminates provide a common level of resistance to dents; however, laminate that is thicker is better suited to prevent the bending caused by spots in the subfloor that are unlevel. Laminate that is thicker can also help limit sound.
Warranty: Warranties on laminate flooring span from a decade to lifetime. Although these warranties are usually for homes and residences, some types of laminate flooring come with a commercial warranty.

AC Ratings

AC rating is a representation of laminate’s resistance to wear based on a scale of 1-5. The greater the AC rating, the greater the durability:
AC 1: Meant for use at home with little foot traffic, like bedrooms
AC 2: Meant for use at home with medium foot traffic
AC 3: Meant for use at home in all foot traffic areas, including high traffic areas
AC 4: Meant for use at home in all traffic areas and can meet some commercial standards
AC 5: The most durable laminate available this type can withstand heavy commercial traffic, like in a mall. Though this type of laminate offers the highest durability.

Attached Pad: Some laminate products come with an acoustic pad attached to it to support easier installation.
Texture: There are many types of textures to choose from in laminate flooring to simulate the look of real hardwood flooring.
Embossed: A general, all-over texture not specific to the décor of the laminate
Handscraped: pressed to look like a real hand-scraped hardwood floor
High Gloss: Resists scratches and dents