How to Remove Stains from Waxed Hardwood Flooring

It’s always exciting to have a new hardwood floor but regardless of how much care you put in with your beautiful hardwood, stains will always occur. Fortunately, there are great tips out there for dealing with a variety of different stains on your waxed hardwood.

  • If you have a water stain, rub the area with steel wool (number two grade) and then re-wax. If the stains are more severe, sand lightly with finely grained sandpaper, and then clean with steel wool, floor cleaner or mineral spirits. Thereafter, refinish and wax.
  • For cigarette burns, you can remove them with wet and soapy steel wool by rubbing the burned area.
  • To get rid of heel marks, rub well with steel wool and cleaner, and then dry. Thereafter, apply polish well.
  • If you have an ink stain or another dark spot, grab that number two steel wool again and some basic cleaner for floors; clean the area and that surrounds then wash well. If the spot is still there, try to the finely grained sandpaper, then wax and polish again.
  • For annoying chewing gum or wax deposits, the best way to deal is to ice them until they become brittle and break away. Apply floor cleaner surrounding the stain so the liquid leaks under the deposit, loosening it.

Have a wax finishes that need to be repaired? Rub some fine-grained steel wool and some re-conditioner and clean; then get to waxing and buffing. You should begin the cleaning always, at the stain’s edge and work inward so it won’t spread. To remove stains and repair surface finishes, again steel wool or sandpaper can help remove a layer or two of finish in the area of the board that was damaged. After removing any dirt or dust, use the same finishing but be aware not to apply added layers over top of joined boards.
Do you have a squeaky floor? Here’s how to quiet them. Take some liquid wax, powdered soap, talc powder or graphite powder and apply between the boards that are being rubbed together. If that doesn’t solve the problem, hammer in two-inch finishing nails through pilot holes on both sides of the board then mask the hole with wax or color putty. For those who need to refinish or replace their hardwood, professional consults are best for top results.